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Kitchen Decor I’m Loving These Days

(photo credit www.atlantahomesmag.com)

I am so excited guys…we are finally beginning the process to look for our very own home in the suburbs!  We currently live in the city of Chicago and as much as I love it here, I’m ready for some more space and a place to call our own.  Having a kid changes everything, especially where you put your roots down.  So as you can imagine, I already have many ideas on how I want to decorate!  We are going to purchase a fixer-upper and make the place our own.

The kitchen is such an important room, especially in our family.  My husband comes from a very large Italian family and as you can imagine, we are always in the kitchen eating, talking, catching up.  I’ve been adding Pins to my Pinterest ‘Home Decor’ board for what seems like forever now, so I thought I’d share a few of my favorite kitchen decor items.

The picture shown above has some of my favorite features in it.  Clean lines.  Black framed windows.  (Probably) quartz countertops.  Gorgeous iron light fixtures.  Big windows full of natural light.  I’m not really a fan of dark kitchen cabinets (I mostly prefer white), but these dark cabinets go really well with the light countertops.  When paired with a white island, it offsets the darkness of the cabinets really nicely.  Ahhhhhh I just love this look and could totally see our family in a kitchen like this!


(photo credit: www.birchlane.com)

I’m in love with this chandelier from Birchlane.  It’s sleek, modern and simple.  I can see it easily fitting into our new kitchen space.  I also see this type of light fixture over a farmhouse style table for family dining.  Just beautiful.


(photo credit: www.lizmarieblog.com)

I’m really loving this farmhouse sink with white cabinets and dark floors from Lizmarieblog.com.  The framed look on the cabinets give so much depth to this kitchen.  The beautiful light countertops make the space airy and bright.  I love how you can see into the cabinets as well.  Guys, I’m seriously in love over here.


(photo credit: www.diynetwork.com)

How about these amazing colors in this kitchen?!  The dark grey/blue looks amazing against the light tile.  The combo of the light and dark cabinets really fits the space and let’s be honest…those light fixtures are gorgeous and so elegant.

There will be more to come from me on home decor and renovation.  I’m seriously so excited about finding a great house with good bones that needs a lot of TLC.  Stay tuned!



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