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5 Baby Products You Should Consider Not Buying!

When I registered for our baby showers, I couldn’t wait to take the little Babies R Us scanner and scan just about everything in the store.  I still remember justifying the baby ‘spa system’ to my husband one evening in Babies R Us.  I mean, what baby doesn’t need a spa?  Well fast forward 9 months and my feelings have completely changed.  Why?  Because it’s clunky.  It takes way too much room in my bathroom.  It has WAY too many components including a spray nozzle, which I have never used on my daughter.  Most importantly, it’s just too complicated when all I need to do is wash my baby!  I’ve put together a list of the top 5 baby products that I wish I didn’t waste time, effort or money on.  I’ve also included some products that I should’ve gotten instead!

1.  Baby Whirlpool Spa and Shower


Where do I begin?  My back has never been the same after birth and having to use this ‘spa’ system only made it hurt worse!  Too much bending over and picking up.  Instead, invest in a sink bath cushion!  It creates a nice cushion for your baby and allows you to bathe your little cutie without bending down and breaking your back.  🙂


2.  Wipes Warmer


During the first few weeks of having baby Joanna, she would wake up at all times during the night and needed to eat or be changed.  At 4AM, the last thing I thought about was making sure the wipes I was wiping her butt with were a warm, tropical temperature.  It just didn’t happen and I wound up using the wipes out of the package, cool as they may be.  Another downside to using a wipe warmer is that you may get your little bundle of joy used to only warm wipes during diaper changes.  What do you do when you’re out and about and have to wipe their little booty with a cold wipe?  My daughter has survived the cold wipes.  She’s quite the trooper.  🙂

3.  Boppy Nursing Pillow and Positioner


I know there will be some mixed feelings on the Boppy or products similar to it, but for me, I got the product mainly to help with breastfeeding and it just didn’t make the process 100% comfortable for me.  I used the cross-lap method for feeding and it just felt uncomfortable when I would put Joanna on it.  She would fall through the hole most times!  Fast forward to tummy time and it was slightly better.  I just preferred to put her on her stomach completely.  So where is my Boppy now?  Quietly resting on a shelf in the nursery, probably collecting dust.  A product that did work for me for both comfortable sleeping while pregnant plus breastfeeding was the Boppy Custom Fit Total Body Pillow.  Not only was I able to use this body pillow pre-baby, but I was able to use it in the hospital too!  It came in super handy when breastfeeding in the hospital and breastfeeding at home.  It had many pieces that could be broken apart and used for a number of occasions.


4.  Cloth Diapers


I was very torn on cloth diapers…they’re so cute and I loved the idea of being able to reuse and recycle diapers and have a smaller footprint on the environment.  But then, parenthood hit me.  Night time blow outs, sleepless nights and tiresome days just didn’t quite work for me and cloth diapers.  They require a ton of work!  Most require a spray nozzle that must be connected to your toilet so you can spray off the poop and pee.  For us, it was just one more thing we didn’t have time for.  My choice instead?  Regular disposable diapers.  🙂

5.  Big, Clunky High Chairs


How can such small babies require such big, clunky furniture?!  I ask myself this almost everyday.  My husband and I currently live in the city where there is never enough room in our house.  How could I possibly add a clunky high chair that my baby would only use a few times a day?  Instead, we opted to get a Bumbo seat with tray.  For the time being, this has worked for us.  It saves space and has less space that I need to clean which is always a good thing.





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