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Weekend Style – Fall Is Almost Here!

My favorite time is right around the corner…sweet sweet Fall!  By the end of the summer, I’m almost always over being hot all of the time and I’m ready to start layering my clothes.  🙂 After Joanna was born, I had to take another approach on ‘style’.  All of you mommies out there know that being comfortable and stylish with a baby is not easy.  For about an entire month, I wore nothing but pajamas and nursing bras.  About a month after Joanna was born, I found myself purging most stuff in my closet.  My tops were WAY too tight because I was breastfeeding and my pants were WAY too tight around the hip area.  Don’t you just love how your body is never the same after having a baby?!  I never thought about how I would have to rebuild my closet!  Well, I’m getting there and I’m filling it with staple pieces that I know I can wear for some time.

This weekend, we ran our normal errands.  It was beautiful outside, with just a hint of cooler weather.  On days like these, one of my favorite items to wear is my Gap denim jacket.  It’s so timeless and you could literally wear this thing 20 different ways!  I totally opted for comfy clothes this weekend, with a T and sneakers to prove it.

On another note, my little girl is getting so big.  I really can’t believe that she is 5 and half months old.  It seems like yesterday I gave birth to her and was trying to figure out how I would get through the long, tiresome days and nights.  Her personality shines more and more every day and I’m so excited to see more of it.  She is warm, gentle, loving and always smiling (I swear!).  I couldn’t ask for a better child.  <3



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